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“This week I’ve been thinking a lot about money. It was after I finished reading Midlife Money Makeover by Kim Potgieter. What I lurrrrrve about this book is that she talks a lot about the psychological aspect of money. One part that stayed with me is what she calls your money story – the stuff you tell yourself about money.”

Kim also says: “What you believe will come true because you will live it.”

“How you see things will show up in your choices and behaviour and the results.” I LOVE this and I have found this to be true in my own life. Remember when I said I was feeling old, and like a has-been? Well, guess what? I started acting like it and apologizing for my age and that’s how peeps started treating me. It became self-fulfilling. And this idea of retiring? I can’t stand it because I adore working. According to Kim: “Retirement is defunct – you can work and add value for as long as you want…” Yeah, baby!! We don’t have to retire, we can carry on working until we drop dead which might sound horrible to other people but sounds perfect to me. I NEVER want to stop working. I want to be writing until I pop off to that big fat book launch in the sky.”

“There is so much more to discuss about money; becoming a mentern (mentor-intern), having a vision board, planning your dream life, talking about shame and blame…get the book, I can’t recommend it enough and have now given it to the husband to read.”

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When it comes to your money,
Be inspired,
Be brave,
Be on purpose.


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