Lionel Karp CFP®

Financial Planner FCIBM
H Dip Tax Law(Wits

I have been a financial planner for many years and always prided myself on understanding my clients’ needs. It was a unique experience to be on the other side of the process, when Kim helped my wife, Bev, and me, tackle our procrastination regarding a decision to emigrate to Australia, to join our children and grandchildren. Kim, as the only practising qualified Financial Life Planner in South Africa, was not only qualified to help us, but she also has a passion that goes beyond asking the right questions.

Kim’s compassion and insight enabled Bev and I to express how we actually felt: desperate to move, frightened to commit to the reality. I am of the firm belief that Kim’s methodology is the only way forward: looking after your wealth and taking your lifestyle into account.

To fulfil the tapestry of your own personal financial and lifestyle kaleidoscope, this must-read book will challenge you as the patterns of your life change for the better.

When it comes to your money,
Be inspired,
Be brave,
Be on purpose.


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