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Lionel Karp CFP®

I have been a financial planner for many years and always prided myself on understanding my clients’ needs. It was a unique experience to be on the other side of the process, when Kim helped my wife, Bev, and me, tackle our procrastination regarding a decision to emigrate to Australia, to join our children and grandchildren. Kim, as the only practising qualified Financial Life Planner in South Africa, was not only qualified to help us, but she also has a passion that goes beyond asking the right questions. Kim’s compassion and insight enabled Bev and I to express how we actually felt: desperate...

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Roberta K. Taylor

Kim’s wisdom and professional experience make Retirement: Get the most meaning for your Money, a “must read.” Both practical and creative, Kim’s work challenges you to go beyond what you already know to possibilities that you may never before have imagined. Her kaleidoscope metaphor is perfect for imagining the shifts that could bring to you your plan for a most fulfilling life!

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Colleen-Joy Page

Everyone over the age of 35 should read this book – it’s such a lovely mix of personal heart, expert advice and practical how to! Kim presents a definitive heartfelt guide to making sure that your retirement is both meaningful and rich. This book is shaped around Kim’s invaluable contribution to modern wealthy retirement – filled with inspiring true client stories, practical insights, “how-to” advice, and most importantly “heart”! You are in expert hands. Kim has studied with some of the world’s leading retirement and financial planning experts, to bring you everything...

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Dorian Mintzer

Retiremeant is a must-read for everyone wondering “What’s next?” in life. Kim Potgieter, a Certified Financial Planner and lover of life, uses the kaleidoscope as a metaphor for growth and change. Kim provides a holistic approach to financial life planning. In an engaging conversational style, she shares her own and other’s stories, offers terrific exercises and tips and invites you to explore what’s important to you so you can add the ‘A’ to your RetiremeAnt – enabling your money to help you retire to a life of meaning and fulfilment.

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Dorianne Weil “DR D”

Our relationship with money permeates our lives and needs to be continually addressed. Money either enables or limits the fulfilment of our goals, hopes, dreams and aspirations and this is especially true in retirement. Kim Potgieter, with her psychological understanding and her coaching skills, together with her certified financial planner qualification, takes us on a journey, in which we recognise not only the obstacles but indeed the endless opportunities offered by retirement – provided we can change our perspective! Of course money is important; however, it is but one aspect of life....

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Miranda Isaakidis

I initially resisted attending a financial life planning meeting … I was not convinced that the process would interest me, or that it would be relevant to my life.  Having spent some time in just such a meeting with Kim, I see it is about much more than checking a balance sheet.  Relating my money to my life and my goals has been a freeing and energising experience, and I feel empowered to be involved in the family’s financial planning. I now see the success of my business as a means to buy my villa in Greece, among my many dreams to be fulfilled.

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Andrew Bradley

Kim tells a very personal and powerful story of discovery. She has truly experienced the reality of what is needed to change your mind set to get new perspectives. She is an incredible person, with a unique breadth and depth of knowledge and experience, with an unwavering desire to live her passion and purpose. In the book she shares her own story and also shows us how she works with her clients so that they can get the same meaning out of their life. Reading the book will help you in the same way.

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