Testimony Category: Dare to Lead

Rob Macdonald

I have just completed a 3 day DTL workshop facilitated by Kim and Julia. It was superbly facilitated and did absolute justice to Brené Brown’s inspiring work. I think this work is relevant to all aspects of our lives. Whoever you are, or whatever your role, I have no doubt you will get great value from the workshop. I think we put armour on daily, be it parent, partner, teacher, leader, business person or professional. The workshop process helps you engage with the idea that becoming more vulnerable is at the core of being able to connect more effectively with others.

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Hayley Giuricich

The Dare to Lead Program is all about self-development and being or becoming your best self. Kim is an excellent facilitator, she has a grounded confidence and her passion for the Dare To Lead content shines through in her interactions. This course is personal and Kim was able to support and inspire me on a truly self-reflective journey. Thank you.

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Tracy-Lee Benkwitz

I thoroughly enjoyed the course, interacting, sharing and learning from you and your team. I took away that showing up ‘vulnerable’ is aa practical and important step I need to take every day to grow as person and help others do the same. The course materials, interactive practicals as well as the take home info , have helped cement lessons learned. The next journey is one of bravery to step out in confidence and share! It was in a nutshell , inspiring and invigorating!

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Paula Quinsee

The Dare to Lead course provided a lot of insight into my own personal growth journey and is very relevant to the work and industry I am in. I found Kim to be a wonderful facilitator who allowed participants to discover, explore and share their stories whilst at the same time stepping into their own vulnerability and courage. Thanks for wonderful and insightful experience!

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