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“With one small shift, the whole picture changes”

If I could hold the kaleidoscope of life in my hands, and turn it, precisely in tune with each person I meet, and help them transform their relationship with money – then I would be living my perfect life!

My goal is to inspire you to take control of your money; to become its master and to help you put money in its right place.

It’s about making a kaleidoscope shift, turning the kaleidoscope until the perfect image emerges; a picture where your money aligns with meaning, to enable the ideal vision you have for your life.

My motto when it comes to money, is to be inspired, be brave and be on purpose. I want you to be inspired to pay attention to your life and your money, and to make sure that money serves your goals and make your dreams possible. The more attention you pay to your money, the more attention you are, in fact, paying to yourself.

Besides loving what I do, I am also a wife, mother, sister and friend. Like you, I face the challenge of keeping my life in balance every day!

Enjoy exploring this website. My wish is that that you are able to shift to a Mindset where Meaning is a non-negotiable, and Money is in its right place as your enabler.



I grew up in a middle class family with my stay-at-home mom, my dad and brother, Bruce. In our house, my father was in charge of all the money and gave my mom a housekeeping allowance. My father used money to control, as a tool of power, either to give, or to deny; and my mom relinquished all her control over money. My childhood and the money messages I heard growing up, motivated all the work that I’m doing today.
My entire life has been focused on being financially independent. I vowed early in my life that I would never give anyone the power to control me with money. After marrying my wonderful husband, Gys and spending time with my three beautiful children, I decided to follow my passion to teach and share my insights on money and life planning. I wanted to help others find meaning and purpose.
I knew intuitively that money was an important part of life and that Financial Planners had an integral part to play in managing, understanding and learning about their clients’ relationship with money. I started my studies to qualify as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional and joined Barclay Hoar and John Campbell as a Director of Chartered Wealth Solutions.
A proud day when Chartered Wealth Solutions was appointed winner of the SA Best Practice of the Year Award.
Here I am with Mickey Mouse! At the Walt Disney Resort learning from Lee Cockerell who ran the Walt Disney World® for over a decade.
Attending the Zappos Culture Camp in Las Vegas in 2014 with Tony Hsieh, author of Delivering Happiness.
It was on the last day of the Zappos Culture Camp that I met Simon Sinek, author of Start with Why. It was their quarterly company meeting and in true Zappo style, they hired a theatre and invited inspirational speakers to share the day with their 1300 staff members. I clapped (and yes, I may have ululated with joy) when Simon Sinek was announced as speaker. I had just read his book and could not believe my luck that I was meeting him in person.
I first discovered Mitch Anthony when I read his book The New Retirementality and I immediately realised that I had found someone who shares my passion and philosophy around holistic life planning. I was so intrigued by Mitch that I flew to the States with John and Barclay, especially to meet him. We spent time personally training and learning from Mitch and have since become great friends.
The year 2011 stands out as one of the most significant year in my life. Retire Successfully was launched, but my journey of introspection was not over. I studied with my mentor, Coleen-Joy Page and qualified as an Inner Life Skills Coach and later became an accredited ICF coach.
I am a learner at heart, and in my quest to learn everything I could about our relationship with money, I read The Secret Language of Money by David Krueger. I also enrolled for his coaching course and qualified as a New Money Story® Mentor Coach in 2016. Here I am meeting up with David again just before he published his latest book Your New Money Story – the Beliefs, Behaviors and Brain Science to Rewire for Wealth.
I launched this web-site after writing my first book published in 2015 called Retiremeant – get more meaning from you money. This was a personal leap of faith for me – I never thought that I would publish my own book, never mind having a voice on media concerning money matters.
Of course I wanted to meet Chip Conley after reading his book Wisdom at Work: The Making of a Modern Elder. I flew to El Pescadero in Mexico to attend a week’s retreat with Chip and Barbara Waxman. Our group consisted of seventeen people, diverse enough for challenge but small enough to create an intimate and friendly space. We all shared the same goal: to learn from our life experiences and apply this wisdom towards creating a meaningful next chapter, whatever that may be for each of us.
My first introduction to Brené Brown was her TED Talk called The Power of Vulnerability, followed by reading her first book, Daring Greatly. This was the start of a long-term admiration for Brené’s work. I have since read all her books and finally got to meet Brené herself during my training to become a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator in 2019.
So proud with our first group of Dare to Lead™ Certificate Training participants. Thank you Julia Kerr-Henkel for sharing in this journey with me.
The Covid19 lockdown has changed all our lives. Apart from spending precious time with my family, I also managed to write an eBook. I’ve had so many conversations with clients who are extremely anxious about their retirement plans and worried about their money. This eBook is filled with actionable practical advice, as well as the deeper work that needs to be done to navigate complex emotions around money, resilience and your life going forward.
I am so proud to launch my second book, Midlife Money Makeover to market in 2021! Here I am with Mbali Sikakana, Commissioning Editor at NB Publishers, discussing the final edits before it goes to print.


I have chosen a kaleidoscope as my brand emblem; for me it is a symbol of possibility and potential.

You can lose yourself gazing at a beautiful pattern, mesmerised by the colours, reflections and light. Then … the smallest movement can create a completely new beautiful image, or, if you keep rotating the tube, you can endlessly watch shapes constantly cartwheeling around. The image is always changing, reinventing, molding and shaping itself into something different.

Interestingly enough, the parts or portions that make up the kaleidoscope always stay the same shape and size. It is only the orientation that changes when the kaleidoscope is turned.

Imagine looking at your life through the tube of a kaleidoscope. Imagine that the portions of your life make up the kaleidoscope. Are the parts ideally proportioned? Have some parts perhaps lost their original shape or size? Does it create a wholesome picture?

Now try looking at your life through the kaleidoscope from a different perspective. This takes some critical thinking and self-analysis. Think about your life; reflect on your actions and decisions; dream about your life as a perfect kaleidoscopic image; imagine what parts of your life you could change to create the perfect picture; plan how you will create your ideal life; then live it abundantly!

Remember to keep on learning, for as we learn, we makes changes to plot an even more enlightened course, and then, for a most rewarding life, share your wealth of wisdom.

The parts of your life as a kaleidoscope are already in place, inside you, and all you may have to do, is just to look at the kaleidoscope of your life in a new way. With just one small shift, the whole picture changes and creates an image where money aligns perfectly with the pattern of your ideal world, enabling you to master your relationship with money.