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Midlife Money Makeover with Journal


It is never too late for a makeover, and midlife is the perfect opportunity to redesign your life exactly as you want it. You do have choices for every aspect of your life – including your money. Especially your money. This book is a call to action to take control of both your life and your money.

Midlife Money Makeover will prepare you for your transition into elderhood and will guide you in an easy-to-follow process to pause, tune in and consciously create your next chapter – enabled by your money.

This beautiful printed journal will take you through step-by-step exercises to help you identify your money habits and reconnect with yourself, your life and your money. The final step is a makeover where you get to create a life that you’re excited to live – enabled by your money.

This Journal is designed to accompany the book. We suggest that you work through the Journal after, or while you are reading the printed copy.

Get your personalised signed copy.

* Also available in all leading retailers and online at Amazon, Exclusive Books Online (international and local orders – soft cover), GraffitiBooks (international and local orders – soft cover), Global Book Marketing (GBM) – for readers in the UK and certain parts of Europe (based in London), Takelot and Loot.