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Virtual Book Launch

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Midlife Money Makeover

Zoom Event

Date: Tuesday 25th May 2021

Time: @ 18:00 SAST

Do you have a plan for your life in your second chapter?

Are you living on purpose, with purpose?

Does your money enable you to live your best life?

It is never too late for a makeover, and midlife is the perfect opportunity to redesign your life exactly as you want it.

Please join me at the launch of my new book Midlife Money Makeover and learn how you can Pause, Tune in and Edit to consciously create your best life for your next chapter!

Meet financial journalist and author Maya Fisher-French, who will be chatting to Kim about the book, and together they will unpack what it takes to design a life with balance, fulfilment and joy – enabled by your money.


Virtual Book Launch

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