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Inspiring Talks

Inspiring Talks

Getting the most life from your money in Retiremeant™

Retirement is one of the many transitions you will face in your second chapter, and it may well be the most significant opportunity to carve a meaningful and fulfilling life for yourself. This is after all, the time of your life where you have the freedom to achieve your yet unfulfilled dreams and goals, on your terms and in your own time.

Kim shares her insight on the many clients she has helped to retire successfully – clients with different balance sheets, dreams and goals, clients who are fearful of running out of money and clients who are so focused on money alone that they neglect to plan for what they will do with their time.

She challenges you to visualise what your retirement would look like if it turned out well; she encourages you to put money in its rightful place – as an enabler, and to examine your relationship with money, putting you in the driving seat as its master. Kim shows that a holistic Retiremeant™ Plan is made up of Life Planning, Financial Planning and Estate Planning and firmly believes that your money and your life cannot be separated.

What some clients say

  • Angela James

    Chief Storyteller and Executive Officer at Align-Ed Foundation

    Kim’s talk inspired hope, no matter how dire the circumstances. I loved the inside out approach Kim takes to Financial Planning, starting with who you are as a person; it’s not about financial products but about my goals and objectives and using my money to enable that.

  • Lynda Smith

    CEO of 50 Pluss-Skills

    Kim understands the heart of how to engage with individuals in planning their lives. She helps individuals understand how their emotions around money can impact their decisions and how to harness the ability to be courageous to live their best lives.

Money | Meaning | Mindshift

5 Truths to merge your money with your life

This 1-hour keynote is based on Kim’s firm belief that money should be put in its rightful place, as your servant, with you – as its master. Money is a means for helping us navigate where we want to go. Money should not be controlling us. We should be controlling it, and in its right place, money enables you to live life right.

It is impossible to live a fulfilled life if you lack the financial means to tick off the items on your Bucket Wheel®. Or, you may have all the money in the world, but don’t have the time, the dreams, or a plan that will add meaning to your life.

You have to make a Mindshift – it is the first step in merging your money with meaning. Once you see money as an enabler, a currency earned, you can master your money matters.

What some clients say

  • Miranda Isaakidis

    Chapter Chair, Women’s President Organisation

    Thanks so much for your energy and sharing your wonderful experiences. One participant said, “I wish I could start everyday like this!”

  • Shireen Chengadu

    Executive Director: Centre for Leadership and Dialogue, Gordon Institute of Business Science

    Kim Potgieter continues to create magic in the GIBS Women in Leadership classes.

5 Retiremeant™ Truths

This one-hour keynote is based on Kim’s learnings about retirement after hundreds of conversations over the years with clients. The Retiremeant™ Truths are the beliefs she feels that we need to embrace in order for us to be properly equipped for our later years. Kim believes that with careful preparation, this can be the best years of our lives!

  • Truth 1: It’s not about your age
  • Truth 2: Be Master of your money
  • Truth 3: Retire to and not from
  • Truth 4: Attitude is everything
  • Truth 5: If you plan, you prosper

What some clients say

  • Irene Ackerman

    Marketing Manager, Old Mutual Wealth

    I have used Kim at various events and she is always well received; empathetic, humorous and thought provoking! Her insights into retirement and how our earliest money memory – which we have never considered – has formed the basis for our relationship with money, is very thought provoking.

How Life Planning Enhances Your Value Proposition to Clients

The Financial Planning landscape is changing, and while clients certainly expect good investment returns and carefully structured Financial Plans, they are also increasingly expecting deep and lasting relationships with their Planners, empathetic conversations and a personalised approach.

Planners are being called on to enhance their value proposition. Purely focussing on the financial portfolio and numbers will no longer be enough to remain relevant and valuable in the industry. In order to be true leaders, Planners must be open to learning new skills and applying these to facilitate meaningful conversations with clients.

Kim shares her belief for a connected approach to Financial Planning, with the core focus on Life Planning and engaging in brave conversations. Kim incorporates the work of Dr Brené Brown and shows the skillset and practices that Financial Planners can learn to connect with clients in a more meaningful way.

What some clients say

  • Mxolisi Alfred Sibaya CFP®

    Executive Financial Advisor, Old Mutual PFA

    Thank you for the information you shared at the Old Mutual Apex summit in Sun City. You gave me a lot to think about. You must continue doing what you are doing. Continue encouraging us to do more for our clients.

  • Bridget Mmakarabo Moshoeshoe

    It was such a pleasure listening to you as you talked about the proper and fair treatment of clients. Our black community is still struggling to understand the importance of the Financial Planning and many end up financially crippled or at best, living mediocre life’s.

  • Andy Hart

    Founder Humans Under Management

    Once we decided to host a behavioural financial advice conference in South Africa we set out to find some great speakers. Kim was one of the first on the list, not only did Kim speak at the Humans Under Management conference in South Africa – Cape Town, she opened the show.

  • Nasrat Edoo Sirkissoon

    Senior Manager: Enterprise Development, Sanlam BlueStar

    Kim shared valuable insights on how behavioural finance and developing the coaching process through having daring conversations with clients will become the leading differentiator for financial planning. Kim’s knowledge, experience and authenticity makes her an exceptional speaker.

Courageous Conversations with Clients

A connected approach to Financial Planning

Financial Planning has always been about numbers. It’s a scientific formulation based on input and output. Nothing that soon can’t be done by artificial intelligence and clever computer programming. There is however one variable that a formula can’t calculate: being human.

Our client demographic is changing and the conversations we have with our clients are also changing. Financial Planners are increasingly expected to talk about life dreams and goals and how money can enable a more meaningful life.

How prepared are you to engage in these types of conversations? Are you ready to talk about deeply vulnerable topics? Are you comfortable coaching your clients around what they can and cannot achieve with their money? Do you have the necessary emotional intelligence, self-awareness and empathy to truly add value to your client’s life and their money?

Kim shares the skills she believes Financial Planners need to add value and meaning to the Financial Planning process. She incorporates Bené Brown’s Dare to Lead work and her own experiences after helping clients retire successfully for the last ten years.


What some clients say

  • Lelane Bezuidenhout, CFP®

    Chief Executive Officer, FPI

    Kim is an exceptionally inspirational woman. She is a go-getter and serves the greater community by sharing her love and passion for the financial planning profession with others. She understands consumers of financial planning and that it is not always easy for others to tell their own life story – to become completely vulnerable. She naturally brings out the best in those who have to privilege to personally deal with her.

  • Deon Merz

    Investment Consultant, Bridge Fund Managers

    Thank you for your talk on Cultivating Empathy for the FPI. I watched a recording yesterday and found it extremely entertaining and valuable.  I really enjoyed it.

    Just wanted to say thank you and it was brilliant.

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