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Midlife Recalibration: From Challenges to Opportunities.

Have you ever considered that midlife could be your best chapter yet? Traditionally, midlife has been viewed through a lens of inevitability – characterised by milestones such as career transitions, physical changes, an empty nest, and the passing of parents. Often, it’s seen as a period of feeling stuck, dissatisfied, and in search of purpose.

But what if we could flip that narrative?

Join me for a workshop inspired by my recent enlightening experience at the Modern Elder Academy in Mexico with Chip Conley. Learn how to love midlife and discover the abundance of opportunities this vibrant phase has to offer.

What You Will Gain:

  • Insights from my journey and time learning directly from Chip Conley.
  • Strategies to realign your life’s priorities and understand your relationship with money.
  • Ideas and practical steps for exploring side hustles, launching a second career, and turning passions into profit.
  • Tools to shift this significant life stage from a crisis to an opportunity.

Reimagine midlife and transform it from a phase you have to endure to one you can truly adore.

Embrace Transitions and Redefine your next Chapter

Are you feeling overwhelmed and underprepared for a current or impending life transition? Are you open to learning and turning the page of life with confidence?

Get ready to Redefine Your Life’s Next Chapter!

Planning Your Next Transition.

Life transition could be anything – a midlife change, an empty nest, moving to a new city, divorce, retirement, or a personal loss. These life-altering moments can sometimes seem overwhelming, but don’t let them shake you. Embrace these transitions as stepping stones to a renewed, wholehearted life.

Enter a safe virtual space this August with Kim Potgieter. Live by her mantra: ‘Don’t leave your life to chance, or you’ll live a life someone else plans.’ With her guidance, learn to intercept life’s curveballs and shape your destiny!

Uncover the secrets to:

  • Envision a successful next chapter
  • Navigate through your life transitions with our ‘suitcase exercise’
  • Understand and transform your relationship with money
  • Develop new habits that stick
  • Embrace vulnerability as a strength for change
  • Identify your guiding values
  • Become a more courageous person, leading a life you choose, not what others choose for you

Prepare for a courageous new chapter as Kim shares her profound insights, personal experiences, actionable strategies, and learnings from global thought leaders such as Mitch Anthony, David Krueger, Chip Conley and Dr Brené Brown.

Start your journey towards a more empowered, courageous, and fulfilled life!

Tony and Maggie

“There are so many things to consider leading up to this life transition. It is a stressful and anxious time for most of us. You showed us that this period (‘half time’) is a journey – a time to reflect on our early memories and their impact on our habits and choices today. We found the suitcase exercise very helpful and highlighted how little we need to be balanced and happy, and how much we have to be grateful for.”


“I am grateful that our session had a diverse group of individuals with different transition phases – their willingness to share gave me perspective on other aspects of life events I might not have thought much about.”

Retire Successfully

Your journey to living a meaningful and balanced life in retirement

This six-hour workshop is aimed at people nearing retirement, typically age 50 and above, and is designed around a new definition of Retiremeant™ – having the freedom to achieve your yet unfulfilled dreams and goals, on your terms and in your own time.

Kim challenges you to visualise what your retirement would look like if it turned out well and asks “What will you be retiring TO?” She guides you through a process to understand your relationship with money and encourages you to incorporate all the elements that make up a balanced and fulfilling life: work, play, purpose, health, learn, relationships, give-back and money.

Kim shows that a holistic Retiremeant™ Plan is made up of Life Planning, Financial Planning and Estate Planning and firmly believes that your money and your life cannot be separated.

The workshop includes a personal workbook, interactive exercises and a support pack take-away.

What some clients say

Anglo American

“Excellent day, thank you so much! I appreciate it – you made me feel less old and more excited for retirement”

Katherine Craig

Deloitte South Africa

Kim presented at 2 sessions for us: One focused on Intentional Investing as a Young Partner, and the other, on Retirement planning for those nearing retirement age.

Intentional Investing

Your journey to merging your money with meaning in your life

This six-hour workshop is for people who are still earning and creating their wealth legacy, typically between the ages of 35 and 50. It’s based on the philosophy that a holistic plan includes a Life Plan, Financial Plan (which includes Scenario Planning and an Investment Strategy,) and an Estate Plan.

Kim explains that Life Planning is the first essential step to Financial Planning. It’s about visualising, planning and then putting into action the plans, goals and dreams that you have for your life. Your Life Plan is enabled by your Financial Plan – this means that the way you structure your investments depend on what you want to do with your money.

Kim guides you to align your money with meaning and to consciously create the life you want.

What some clients say

Anglo American

“Excellent day, thank you so much! I appreciate it – you made me feel less old and more excited for retirement”

Refilwe Selepe

Programme Manager: Open Programmes, The University of Pretoria’s Gordon Institute of Business Science

Thank you for adding to the overall success of the programme, the overall rating for your session as rated by attendees is 94%. Below are some of the comments of workshop participants:

Katherine Craig

Deloitte South Africa

Kim presented at 2 sessions for us: One focused on Intentional Investing as a Young Partner, and the other, on Retirement planning for those nearing retirement age.

Your Money Journey

Understanding your relationship with money

This four-hour workshop is aimed at helping you understand, edit and change the relationship you have with money. How you think and feel about money determines to a large extent how your money story will play out in your life.

Kim guides you to put money in its rightful place – as an enabler of your life goals and dreams. The workshop will take you through a five-step process that will help you make significant positive changes to the role of money in your life. A clear understanding of your relationship with money can start a whole new chapter where you are able to change the story, rewrite the chapter and start making money serve you – instead of the other way around.

What some clients say


Highly empowering in coaxing me to think more about my life in general, what my relationship with money is and how it all affects my financial decisions.


Kim inspired me to do a whole lot of introspection and has empowered me with skills to understand my life’s journey with money and how it affects my finances.


I learned who I am and what my relationship with money is. I had a huge mind shift towards money


I now have a sense of urgency to evaluate my financial portfolio and work with the right professionals. I need help taking emotion out of my financial decisions.

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