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Portfolio Life

by David Corbett

Now that I had a clearer understanding of how “magic” works, I wanted apply this concept to our retirement clients. So many people see retirement as the end of the road for them. They are filled with anxiety as they contemplate the concept of retirement and visualise it as a period of old age where they are no longer capable or able to make any contributions to the world.

I read David Corbett’s book and flew to Boston to meet him. The book is enlightening, and after spending time at his business, I understood that it is necessary to prepare for retirement, that there is always an opportunity to re-invent yourself, and that you can approach this part of your life with purpose and passion.

Retirement does not have to mean that you should stop working, perhaps just working a little differently.

At Chartered Wealth Solutions we embrace this philosphy and will first and foremost spend time with our clients in preparation for this phase of life.

Learning from Portfolio Life

David Corbett is the founder and CEO of New Directions, Inc., a career services company for senior executives. He explains that in a portfolio life plan, the goal is to create a balance in five areas: work, learning, leisure, family time and giving back. Optimally your life portfolio reflects a balance between your passions and pursuits, a way to plan ahead for the exciting new possibilities in retirement.

He urges us to think about what would make our life in retirement more meaningful – and to plan for it so that you can create that life for yourself!