Inner Life Skills Coaching Course

by Colleen-Joy

The year 2011 stands out as one of the most significant years in my life. Retire Successfully was finally launched, but my journey of introspection was not over. Coleen- Joy re-entered my life and introduced me to her ILS (Inner Life Skills) Coaching course. This was my first introduction to coaching, and the process took me on a year-long journey of self-discovery. I now proudly add this to my list of qualifications.

My learning from the ILS Coaching course

I recommend this course for anyone in transition, who wants to grow as a person and understand themselves better. This qualification is also for people who want to make a living by becoming a professional coach. The course runs 3 times a year and is available online via live Webinar classes.

By attending this programme with Colleen-Joy, I was equipped with the necessary requirements to register with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and after achieving the required amount of coaching hours and having passed the written exam; I received my fully accredited ICF qualification in 2017.

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