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Retiremeant – get more meaning from your money

by Kim Potgieter

And finally I had the courage to launch my own brand. I now feel braver stepping into the world sharing my passion to help people align money with meaning to enable positive and powerful transitions.

You are probably reading this on my web-site, so you know that I launched the Kim Potgieter web-site and also wrote my first book published in 2015 called Retiremeant – get more meaning from you money.

This was a personal leap of faith for me – I never thought that I would publish my own book, never mind having a voice on social media concerning money matters. But in my mind, I felt so strongly about sharing my money story and empowering other people to start believing that money needs to be put in its proper place in our lives. I truly believe that if you are able to put money in the right place, it can enable your dreams, making it possible for you to live your best life possible.

You may have noticed that my blog is called Courageous Currency Conversations (inspired from Brené Brown’s work), and with these blogs, I hope to open up conversations around money matters that we all put off having. These conversations are not easy and take a whole lot of courage, especially since money is such an integral part of our lives. I often say that money is like oxygen … without it you cannot live. I encourage you to read my blogs, and start having courageous money conversations with yourself, and then with your significant others. It is so important to understand your relationship with money, how this relationship was formed and then to question whether your beliefs around money is fact or fiction.

Once we get to a place where we can talk freely about money, we can start believing that our dreams are attainable, that our vision for life can happen … and once we start focusing our thoughts on abundance and see money in a positive light, we start attracting wealth into our lives.