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In Hindsight – wise money lessons I wish I could tell my younger self

My Empty Nest Transition

Midlife, Motherhood and Moving forward with Kim


Kim Potgieter

Kim Potgieter

February 28, 2024
Midlife is reflection time. It’s not only a time to makeover your money, but also a time for reinvention and growth. A time to pause and edit your life going forward. It’s the time of life when we ask ourselves: Where to from here? And the answer always holds both a money and a life perspective.

I have shared many courageous midlife reinvention stories with you over the past year: clients who moved cities to edit their lifestyles, clients who ramped up their earning potential, changed careers or started something completely new. Yes, money is an important part of the midlife edit. Not only because you may not have enough to live the life you choose, but also because your priorities may have shifted. What we do know is that we have choices. We can work longer, change course and find renewed meaning in how we earn. Or we may be 100% on track financially, but our life priorities may have changed. And this gives us choices, too. The choice to intentionally invest and spend on what matters most.

My second midlife transition

The journey through midlife is never a single event – it’s a series of edits and transitions as our circumstances change. I now find myself at a new crossroads – navigating the reality of an Empty Nest. With my youngest, Gabi, having just left for university, all three of my children now live in a different city. My house is quieter, and there’s a new emptiness there – it feels like a piece of me is missing. Of course, the fact that my children are happily pursuing their own paths makes me feel incredibly proud. But my challenge is to redirect my identity and role beyond being a mother.

So, how am I marking my empty nest transition to move forward?

Kim’s life lessons:

Time to pause
For me, this is an “AND” year: my identity as a mother has diminished to a much smaller part, and I now have an empty space to fill with something new. It’s about realising that life will never be the same and that I have a whole new chapter to fill … with whatever I want. While I am still discovering what to fill the space with, as a start, I will use this time to learn and grow and do something that brings me great joy – attending Chip Conley’s course based on his latest book, Learning to Love Midlife, at the Elder Academy in Baja, Mexico. I cannot wait to bring this wisdom back to you after March.

Re-evaluate my patterns
Being a mom certainly becomes part of your conditioning, and not having children at home means an identity shift. It’s time to re-evaluate my patterns to expand my identity and find new ways to express myself. What has been wonderful is the quality time and attention my husband, Gys, and I can give each other.

Business Coaching
While many clients and friends change careers in midlife, I have decided to stay on the same course. I still absolutely love what I do and wouldn’t change my work for the world! But I have teamed up with a coach to help me focus on the work areas that I’m good at – and enjoy. And edit out the areas that don’t serve me.

Every now and then, life happens, prompting us to shift gears. It’s not easy, but it does give us new opportunities to redefine our paths. For me, this transition is about discovering ways to explore, learn and grow – and possibly, finding new dimensions of joy.

Always remember, when it comes to your money and your life, be inspired, be brave, and be on purpose.


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