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Life Planning

Adding your “A” to Retiremeant™ Planning


Kim Potgieter

Kim Potgieter

March 13, 2018
Don’t set yourself up for failure in Retiremeant™ – It’s about more than just the money.

Retiremeant™ means having the freedom to achieve your yet unfulfilled dreams and goals, on your terms and in your own time.

Why we added the “A” to Retiremeant™? You may have the money you need to retire, or at least planning to have it in the years ahead. But have you considered what your life would look like in retirement? The “A” reminds us to not only consider our finances in Retiremeant™ Planning, but to also consider and plan for a meaningful experience in this phase of your life. I truly believe that you can retire with both meaning and money.

A Retiremeant™ Plan comprises of three important parts: a life plan, a financial plan and an estate plan to support the ideal picture of your life. Being prepared for your Retiremeant™ can ensure that you live a meaningful and balanced second half of your life.

I often meet retired clients who are sorely disappointed with the way their retirement years turned out. We soon discover that although their finances are well looked after and they have more than enough to retire on, they feel completely detached from life.

Retiremeant™ Planning should be a holistic process and is so much more than simply ensuring that you have enough money. Money simply cannot be viewed in isolation – it is more than just a currency. Money can hold your dreams and goals; it may define personal success or self-worth; it can symbolise security; it could influence where your work and where you go on holiday, even how and where you live in retirement. Money can be viewed as something standing in the way of your freedom or happiness; or as a means to achieving your life’s purpose.

So, for me, Retiremeant™ Planning starts with defining a holistic life plan. Our aim is to merge your money with meaning – the life you want to live. This is your time to consider exactly how you want your life to look like; what your perfect life would be; what your dreams and aspirations are; what makes you feel alive! Here you map out your expectations for the next chapter of your life. Ask yourself ‘What are you retiring TO?”

And in this way, you get money to work for you. And money means something; a means of achieving your vision for your Retiremeant™ years. So, plan for your life first. Be sure to understand what your life would look like if it turned out well. And then decide how to invest your money to give you the life you envision having.

The second part of Retiremeant™ Planning is looking at what money you have and how best to invest it so that it does not run out before you do. This part is called Financial Planning.

The last part of the process is Estate Planning. Here we consider you Will, Trust (if necessary), beneficiary designations, gifts, estate duties and liquidity. This third part of the process ensures that you have peace of mind, knowing that your wishes will be executed when you are no longer there, and your family well looked after.

Here are some tools to help you plan for your Retiremeant™:

The Balance Test: Retiremeant™ Planning has everything to do with balance! Finding a balance between the money you will need to fulfill your life goals, and living the best life you can!

If you would like to take the Balance Test hosted on the Retire Successfully web site, click on the link below. It only takes 10 minutes!

The Retiremeant™  Truths are based on my book Retiremeant – get more meaning from your money and the beliefs I feel we need to embrace in order for us to be properly equipped for our later years. I believe that with careful preparation, this can be the best years of our life!

You are most welcome to download my e-book 10 Retiremeant™ Truths by clicking on the link below. It’s free!

Should you want a deep dive into Retiremeant – get more meaning from your money, click on the link for more information. The link will also enable you to order the book.

And now it’s over to you! Take your dreams, your vision for your life in the first half and the next, together with your financial specifics to a trustworthy and accredited planner – add your “A” to Retiremeant™!


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