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Kim Potgieter

Kim Potgieter

October 24, 2022
I did not plan to write my latest book, Midlife Money Makeover during a pandemic. My plan was simply to empower people with the courage to makeover their present to live their best possible future lives.

Are you thinking about redesigning your life? Do you have choices when it comes to reinventing and choosing a new path? Do you feel in control of your money? Have you reflected on how to use your money to enable the life you dream of?

These days, most of my conversations with clients are about transitioning. I’m seeing clients who used the lockdown days to reflect and dream, and it’s encouraging to see how many people have paused to take stock of their lives. These are some of the messages that I am hearing:

  • I want to get off the rat race and have a more balanced life.
  • I want my life to matter.
  • I don’t want to put my life on hold until one day when I retire.
  • There’s more to life.

The difficulty is making it come about. Change does not happen instantly – it takes careful and deliberate planning. But settling for more of the same that does not fulfil or inspire you is not an option.

If change is what you’re after, take control and make it happen. To guide you in planning your transition, I have put together my top 3 tips:

TIP 1 Get an objective opinion

Watch out for emotional decision-making. I strongly advise that you meet with your financial planner who brings objectivity and financial skills to the table. There has to be a balance between living life to its fullest and the money needed to enable it. A good planner will help you plan your changes so that it does not impact your long-term financial plan.

TIP 2 Explore alternatives

Transitions take time. We don’t all have the financial means to throw in the towel and live passionately with abundant financial resources.

Sarah and John are two clients who were ready to pursue significance above success. They wanted to move cities, resign from their jobs and relocate to start afresh. Careful planning showed that this would do serious damage to their financial plan. We explored many alternatives to enable them to reach their goal without jeopardising their money situation. Sarah eventually negotiated a remote working package with her company for 70% of her salary. This meant they could take their time selling their current house whilst spending all the time they need at their holiday home in Hermanus to ensure that this is where they want to live. This also gave John the time and freedom to explore new work options, social connections and interests without compromising their long-term money position.

TIP 3 Do an Identity Audit

Think about what you are most valued for? What do you see as your unique or most significant offering or asset? Then invest in that. Remember that you are your greatest asset and can invest in yourself in many ways: reskilling, upskilling or starting something new altogether. It may set you on a completely new career track, inspire you to turn a hobby into a business and open up endless new opportunities.

With careful planning, a dash of patience and a dollop of objectivity, I encourage you to makeover your future and live life to its fullest – enabled by your money.

Always remember, when it comes to your money, be inspired, be brave and be on purpose,


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