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Your Money Relationship

For Love and Money


Kim Potgieter

Kim Potgieter

February 11, 2018

Do you love yourself enough to believe you are deserving of money?

Focus on what is significant to you, and not on other people’s idea of success.

So many of us feel that we are not worthy of having money in our lives. This could be the result of low self-esteem and constant negative messages that assault our confidence and self-worth.

How many times have you heard people say: “Having money or being wealthy is just not meant for me.” Or “I will never have enough money.” One of the biggest blocks to receiving abundance is the feeling or perception that you don’t deserve it.

To be open to receiving money, to confidently expect from life what you are worth, to ask freely for abundance and knowing that just by being you, is enough … takes courage.

My advice is to sit down with yourself, and have a courageous life and currency conversation with you. You simply have to take control of your life and live your dreams!

Have the courage to ask this life for what you want. I believe that life gives you what you have the courage to ask for.

Allow yourself to find time to dream of what your life would look like if it turned out well. Most of us don’t the take the time to reflect on the picture of our ideal lives, and we end up waking up one day wondering why life has passed us by.

So, allow yourself some “me” time, time to reflect on what you want your life to look like.

“With every experience, you alone are painting your own canvas, thought by thought, choice by choice.” – Oprah Winfrey

Love yourself enough by taking time to reflect positively on the ideal vision for your life. Be strict with your thoughts – don’t let them wander off wilfully into a direction not of your choosing. Our thoughts so easily turn to the negative, to the unworthy, the underserving and the pitiless self-doubt. Banish these thoughts as soon as they arise, get rid of the critic inside of you, and know in your heart that you are enough.

Remember, you are perfect just by being who you are, and by being all that you are meant to be.

Do not use money as a measure of self-worth. Money is only the tool that helps us live our dream lives. Your self-worth lies within yourself, and the script is written by your decisions and actions.

Be open to receiving. You are worth it! Life sends you gifts from time to time … accept them gracefully and believe that you have deserved it.

And lastly, spend some time thinking about money and really connect with how you feel about it. If you constantly hear negative money stories in your head – such as “I will never earn enough,” analyse them, and figure out if these messages are true or false. The wonderful part of life is that we can change our stories; try turning these negative messages into messages of positive affirmation.

Don’t feel that you have to walk this journey alone. Money is a complex issue to deal with, and if you feel you need a bit of help, ask a Certified Financial Planner to help you formulate a holistic life plan and financial action plan of how your money can help achieve all your goals.

My wish for you in this month of love, is to spend time loving yourself. Replace your beliefs around money with positive thoughts, thoughts of being worthy and loved.


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