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Change-charge your brain


Kim Potgieter

Kim Potgieter

January 12, 2016
Here are a few simple exercises to keep yourself poised for change.

  1. Fold your arms (as you usually do, without thinking about it). Now fold your arms the other way (reverse your usual way).  Just experience how that change in habit feels.  Easy?  Or a bit uncomfortable?
  2. Consider where you habitual seating place is: in meetings, in your lounge, in your place of worship, at your favourite restaurant. The next time you are there, choose a completely different location.  Have a look at your environment from a fresh position.
  3. Make a change (or a few if you can manage it) to your appearance for a day:  change your hair parting; wear your watch on the other arm; don’t wear any jewellery or a tie if you usually do … any change will do.  Then gauge how easy or difficult it was to become accustomed to the changes.
  4. Ask yourself some questions about change:
    • How do you usually feel about change in your life?
    • What thoughts come to you as you anticipate a change?
    • How often do you ask for help when you are experiencing stress from change?
    • How would it help you to cope better with change in your life?

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