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Kim Potgieter

Kim Potgieter

November 14, 2016
“We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are.”
~Oprah Winfrey

Reinvention means a planned, positive change to your life, the key to which is awareness of how you are thinking at the time.

To successfully reinvent ourselves, we need to move out of the past and create a new perspective that allows us to identify the possibilities that exist now and in the future.

Often we feel that nudge … we want to change, but then we focus on the past and seek solutions based on what we know, on bygone experiences.  This backward look can take us as far back as childhood, to an incident or possibly something our parents said, not realising the impact on us.

Think of how you would like to move forward now and do not allow past experiences, successes and failures to influence your current potential and possibilities.

In the November issue of Inflight, we share the transition stories of two of our clients, Andre and Gabi, who chose new paths for themselves. What steps did they take to create new and successful parallel lives?  In doing this, they laid the foundation for a successful reinvention of their lives. click here to access their inspiring stories.

Transitions are often challenging situations and it is crucial to manage the change differently and creatively in order to move forward and not lose ground.

At a turning point
In our life planning meetings at Chartered Wealth, we regularly deal with clients who find themselves at a turning point in their lives.  They may voluntarily be changing their lives or, very often, change happens to them owing to something outside their control.

In our business, a typical transition occurs at retirement, but this is by no means the only time.  Transitions can happen at any time in our lives and we must be ready to tackle them head on when they arrive.

Spot the possibiilties
Stress is a normal part of change and results in people being unable to see opportunities.  It is important at this time to remain calm and allow creativity and inspiration to be your guide.

“Self-doubt is the enemy of successful reinvention”

The repetitious recording playing in our heads reflects the voices of our critics and people trying to undermine us.  This inevitably leads to self-doubt.  There are many ways to shut out this negative noise: exercise, prayer and meditation often help.  But every person needs to find their own way to build the foundation for the new life that they want and can achieve.

I am most grateful to be able to share with clients their personal journeys of reinvention. I have been humbled to see how people have successfully taken on the challenge.

“Whether your transformation happens through trauma, surprise, or intention, the process begins because of a growing need for change” ~ Suzy Ross


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