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Celebrating Living and Learning


Kim Potgieter

Kim Potgieter

April 13, 2018
Can you believe that the Month of May is already upon us? April marked my 50th birthday and I certainly took the time to celebrate the Chapter preceding my 50th year. In planning my birthday celebrations, I reflected on those aspects of my life that truly resonate with me at the deepest level.

I realised that it is the people in my life, special family members, friends, colleagues and clients, that fill my life story with happiness, laughter and significant memories. But most of all, with learning and wisdom. The first 50 years of my life is a wonderful story because I have learnt and grown from every person that were a part of it.

It is now time to turn the page of my life story and start composing the next chapters of my life. I am poised and ready to compose a bestseller! Filled with big actions and big consequences!

Most of all, I am excited to share my learning and experience with the people in my life. This is what makes my life a meaningful adventure and one worth living.

As I prepare to turn the page for my Next Chapter I am resolved to align the elements of my life with the essence of who I am. This is what it means to be in flow.

My top strength from the Marcus Buckingham strengths finder personality assessment is learning and growing. Being the personality that I am, a perpetual learner, I set aside time during every holiday to read a book which have either been recommended to me, or a book that I feel will add significant value to my life. My biggest joy is sharing what I have learnt. I suppose that is why I enjoy writing so much – it gives me an unique opportunity to share.

I am so happy to have this opportunity to share some of these with you. I have learnt so many interesting and life-changing lessons from these authors and workshop facilitators and just maybe, one of these will grab your attention and inspire you to find your flow.

In order to clarify the specific genre of each book or course, I have used the symbols and keys below to explain who would benefit the most from the specific suggestion.

So start your journey of Living and Learning with me now. Explore my recommended reading by clicking on “Kim’s Suggestions” on my website home page or simply use this link to take you to the page directly:

May this also be your year for Living and Learning!


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