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Harness your mind to heal your body!


Kim Potgieter

Kim Potgieter

May 8, 2015
Since my recent injury, I have been amazed at how much I need to harness my mental and emotional energy to facilitate my physical healing.

Prior to tearing my hamstring, leg raises hardly broke a sweat on my brow; I was a committed and regular participant at the gym.  Now, as part of my rehabilitation, I have to be equally committed – but now it is to attending biokineticist sessions every week.  Yes, there is physical exertion, but it is nothing compared to the mental discipline I need to re-engage my body in healing and normal activity.  I am being challenged all the time.  Basic exercises require all my effort.

What has been the lesson for me?  To be humble, and place myself in other’s hands, and trust their advice and guidance. My goal is to ensure this vehicle, my body, functions optimally to carry me through my life.  I must do whatever is needed.

Does this ring any bells for you?  You may be needing healing in another area of life, and perhaps you are feeling like you have had to go back to the very basics.  Can I respectfully encourage you to persevere?  Not to give up hope?  And to take advice where offered?  I hope you will also read ALL of the articles in this newsletter – you and your wellness are so much on our minds as we compile this material.  We are so appreciative when you send us feedback.  Feel free to tell us about your own journey – or even just how you have enjoyed this newsletter.

All the best

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