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Life Planning

Just get going! The timing may never be perfect.


Kim Potgieter

Kim Potgieter

November 15, 2019
Do you often find an excuse not to get started? Have you put off saving until you have enough to spend? Procrastinated on investing or drafting your Will? How many times have you stalled planning your next adventure, your next project or your next family outing until you have it all perfectly worked out?

I know I have. Or let me rephrase that – I am trying not to. I try to remind myself every day not to waste time over-thinking, not to find excuses before I get going. Because the perfect moment may never come.

Marie Forleo, American life coach and author of Everything is Figureoutable says: “You don’t have to be perfect; you just have to get it going.” I have just finished reading her book and loved it! It gave me one more reason not to make excuses and to keep moving forward.

This year I undertook to launch the Dare to Lead™ leadership programme at my company, Chartered Wealth Solutions. I had two options: wait until I have the process perfectly mapped out; or trust my intuition and my conviction that this was the next step for our company in building a courageous culture.

Showing up and being brave at Chartered.

I took the plunge and dived straight in. I stood up in November last year and asked our 83 staff members if anyone wanted to join me on a six-month journey of reading, studying and applying Brené Brown’s book in our daily lives. I had no clear picture of the outcome, but fifteen staff members signed up and we got going on our journey.

The impact that this work had on all of us was so inspiring, that we decided to close our offices for two full days and rolled out the programme to our entire staff complement. My fifteen original journey members facilitated the Dare to Lead™ course to resounding success with our staff members asking that this work be offered to their families as well. Of course, we said yes! We have no idea of when, where or how many people we will share with – but we have committed to rolling the process out to all our extended Chartered Family next year.

The feedback has been so rewarding. We host a yearly Financial Planner strategy session at Chartered, and when asked, our Planners said that the highlight of 2019 was attending the Dare to Lead™ training.

If I had waited to know and learn Brené Brown’s work perfectly before rolling it out, the magic would have never happened!

What beautiful work do you have inside you that you are trying to make perfect before you share it with the world?

Remember, when it comes to your money, be inspired, be brave and be on purpose,


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