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Bring on the brave


Kim Potgieter

Kim Potgieter

January 30, 2017
The year 2016 is behind us. For many people, it wasn’t an easy year. But even difficult years – especially difficult years – need reflecting on.

In the spirit of embracing 2017, I came across a blog published by researcher and author, Brené Brown. In it, she asks four thought-provoking questions. When you have a minute, take a look at them and answer them for yourself, in the most real way you know how. I’ve done that below.

Here’s what Brené asks:

  1. What do I want more of in my life?
  2. How do I let go of what’s no longer serving me?
  3. What will make me feel more alive? Brave?
  4. At the end of every year I need to know that I have contributed more than I have criticized. How have I contributed and what will that look like going forward?

Here are my answers:

1. What does Kim want more of in her life?
As a rule, I’m goal-driven and I usually set my sights on what I want to achieve in a particular year. Goals have generally served me well. They’ve helped keep me focused on what’s important – instead of being led astray by urgency.

But this year, I’m challenging myself in a bit of a different way. I want more – of less! Fewer “goals” maybe? I want more focus on the now – and focus less on the future. I’m not looking to be irresponsible (the control freak in me wouldn’t let me get away with that). But I’d like to spend more time in the present than anticipating the future. I want more fun. I want more excuses to laugh. I want more opportunities to adopt the serenity prayer – I mean, to really adopt it. I want it to sink in that I don’t have much control over most things, that there are things I simply cannot change – and not to waste my time on those things. But to rather use what I have – my talents, my time – to make a difference where I can.

2. How does Kim let go of what’s no longer serving her?
Guess what’s not serving me? It’s not an impressive as you think. It’s not jealousy or jadedness, anger or apathy. It’s sugar. Yip. Eating sugar no longer serves me. It leaves me feeling bloated and uncomfortable. It’s not good for my body – and even worse for my mind. How do I let it go? I’m not exactly sure. I do know that having a vision board helps. It’s a collation of images that speak to what I want for my life. It’s in my bathroom, next to my bath. This means that every day, I’m reminded of who it is that I want to be.

3. What will make Kim feel more alive? Brave?
Speaking more of my truth this year will make me feel more alive. Having more quiet time – and listening to my intuition as I engage clients, friends and family – is what I need to do. Letting go of the control I think I have – that’s what will demand my bravery in 2017.

4. How has Kim contributed this last year and what will that look like going forward?
My contribution comes essentially from sharing what I have learnt from the people I meet. It’s me passing on wisdom. I love helping people realise their potential, their ability to being their whole selves to their life. I want them to understand that money can be an enabler, a way to help us live our dreams. What will that look like going forward? In 2017, I want my contribution to be to a wider audience. I want more people to see retirement as “Retiremeant”, this magical place where money and meaning meet.

That contribution – to my clients, friends, family and husband – centres on me living my most authentic self.

So, how does your authentic self answer these questions? Take a few minutes and see.

And here’s to a 2017 that, in Brene’s words, is “a braver 2017”.

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