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For the Here and Now, Let Go of the “Should”


Kim Potgieter

Kim Potgieter

May 23, 2016
“The purpose of life, after all, is to enjoy it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”
Eleanor Roosevelt, American politician, diplomat, activist

When chatting to clients, I am often surprised at  how few think it is important to spoil themselves.  Many feel doing something they will enjoy just because they want to is somewhat selfish.

In the next breath, they describe how they are quite happy to spoil their loved ones with something that is important to them. This they see as loving and kind.

My challenge is to love yourself by giving yourself an experience just for the fun of it – not worrying what others will think, but doing it because it adds value to your life.

I spoil myself every year by celebrating my birthday.  I spend month planning a party, because another year means a celebration of life.  I love to celebrate this with special people in my life.  This is not what everyone would choose, of course.  In fact, for one of my friends, attending social parties is torturous! But, for me, a beautiful evening enjoying time with friends under an Autumn sky with twinkling lights and clinking glasses of wine … just perfect!

Perfection for Lindajane and Trevor Thompson comes in the form of an exciting Geocaching pursuit, while Laura and Ray enjoy life to the fullest through a competitive game of bowls on a pristine green.

Have you forgotten how to make yourself feel good?  How to enjoy life to the fullest? Of savouring the moment that may never be repeated?

So, free yourself from the guilt of doing something just for yourself.  You are as important as anyone else.  Let go of the “should” and have some fun!

Today, I will do something just for the fun of it.
I will find something to do that’s just for me, and
I won’t worry about what I “should” be doing.
I will learn how to make myself feel good and enjoy life to the fullest.

Best-selling author, Melody Beattie


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