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Are your thoughts depleting or replenishing your energy?


Gabi and I preparing my Granny Eileen’s Christmas mince pies

Kim Potgieter

Kim Potgieter

December 7, 2021
The holiday season is upon us, and I am so grateful for the promise of time-out, having my family around me and of course, the festive spirit of December. I love the festive season: the lights, colours, the music and spoiling my family with home-cooked meals and treats. This year, with the new Covid variant and the sudden rise in numbers, I have made a conscious decision to fill my heart with gratitude and not let Covid own my thoughts.

Last week I attended a conference hosted by former singer/songwriter and now owner and full-time speaker of TAP Results – Verity Price. I felt bogged down, my holiday intentions were not going according to plan, and Omicron changed my schedule overnight. I did not really feel like listening to another talk about gratitude. But as I listened, I realised that this was just what I needed to hear.

I was reminded that you can just as readily be consumed with everything going wrong as you can be with all the things going right. And just then, I decided to make a mindshift. I do not want to overwhelm my thoughts with negativity this holiday season. Instead, I’ll be trying my best to focus on everything and everyone in my life that I am grateful for. Our Saturday morning girl group even decided to ban all discussions during our walk that do not make us feel joyful, replenished and grateful.

I am grateful that you are reading my blog right now. When I wrote my first ever blog, I remember telling myself that if I could help only one person and make an impact on one life, I would be making a difference. And that’s what motivated me to keep writing. I now reach many more people with my blogs – so thank you for allowing me the privilege to share my thoughts with you.

Verity Price invited all the conference participants to participate in a 21-day happiness challenge. She says the trick is to make time each day to jot down your happy moments and gratitudes. I invite you to implement a gratitude practice this December – why not take a few moments every morning or every evening before bedtime to think about what you a grateful for.

I just love the Maya Angelou quote used on the banner of this newsletter. This is a wonderful season. It’s meant to be a season of joy and giving. And we’ve never experienced exactly this 2021 season before. Being joyful when times are tough is not always possible – but focusing on topping up your heart with gratitude may just nourish you with all the joy you need.

Wishing you joy, peace and the making of many beautiful memories to add to your gratitude jar,


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