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Your Money Relationship

Time – Your Most Precious Currency


Kim Potgieter

Kim Potgieter

January 21, 2015
There are times of the year when our pockets are strained more than other times: when we are booking holidays, covering medical expenses, buying gifts or booking holiday accommodation.

Seeing spending differently
When it came to buying Christmas family gifts one year, I reminded myself of a different perspective on spending. This is partly owing to the fact that my family so often craves my time … a commodity in short supply!

Inspired by our beautiful advent calendar, I made vouchers to be redeemed as each ‘door’ was opened: for my daughter, Gabi, time to brush and plait her hair; the reading of a bedtime story; a visit for the whole family to the Magnum pop-up store in Rosebank for mouth-watering creamy ice-creams; our son, Josh, was allowed to download his own choice of film for the family’s evening entertainment; downloading an iTunes app; an hour in which they may choose however they wish us to spend it as a family.

I realised that we can spend in a unique and refreshing way … often giving our loved ones more significant and lasting gifts that they will treasure for much longer. So many gifts are discarded or destroyed, get lost, lose appeal. Special time with people you love is never lost, and creates memories for a lifetime – even when they have gone.

This is my sincere wish for you: stop, take stock of what is really important to you, and measure the success of your spending in time not money.

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