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In Hindsight
Wise money lessons I wish I could tell my younger self

Kim’s Reflection and Advice


Kim Potgieter

Kim Potgieter

March 20, 2024

Give yourself permission to honour your authentic self

Midlife offers us a unique opportunity to reassess our values, align our money with meaning and unlock a new chapter filled with authenticity, joy and purpose. Kathleen has done incredible work taking a brave step forward to reassess her core values and planning a new chapter that echoes these priorities. Her decision to return to SA reflects honouring her highest values (family and close connections) over financial security overseas. A prudent move on her part is to rent accommodation in SA for now to give her time to assess her options before she decides to buy a home.

Although her decision to diversify investments internationally was wise, it’s equally important to consider our lifestyle and how our money will support us wherever we decide to live. As Kathleen’s planner, I must recognise her significant sacrifice in moving her savings abroad. While I cannot expect her to bring the money back, I can help her live her best life with the money she has. Kathleen’s mindset shift is realising she can have a fulfilling life back in SA without compromising her financial security. With careful financial planning, her investments (local and international) can work together to support her lifestyle here.

Our money is meant to empower us and give us choices. Kathleen’s dream to return home to her family, nature, and her animals is achievable with careful planning and support. Having a planner to help you navigate these transitions is so valuable – a good planner can offer objective advice and support without letting fear and emotions drive the process.

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